Horne Brothers Construction completes 1-MW community solar project in North Carolina

Horne Brothers Construction (HBC) has completed the civil and mechanical construction on a 1-MW community solar project in North Carolina for municipal utility Fayetteville Public Works Commission (PWC). Other local partners on the project include the NC State Clean Energy Technology Center, Dewberry and Directional Services.

The project is located beside the Butler-Warner Generation Plant, which is owned by Fayetteville PWC.

“Community solar will allow our customers to subscribe and invest in solar and get the benefits of solar without having to put panels on their roof,” said David Trego, CEO and General Manager of PWC. “This project will allow our customers, the citizens of Fayetteville and Cumberland County, to enjoy this renewable resource without having to go through the problems and the issues of putting them on their home.”

Interested customers will pay a one-time enrollment fee of $20 for the first panel and then $10 for each additional panel. Customers will be allowed to purchase up to five panels. After enrollment, customers will receive a monthly solar credit on their bill.